Can I use PayPal credit on Amazon?

When we think about shopping online, the first site that comes to our mind is Amazon. It is one of the most famous shopping sites on the internet. And PayPal is one of the most widespread expenditure services in online payment platforms. But the significant question arises, Can I use PayPal credit on amazon?

Actually, you do not find Amazon offering payment methods Via PayPal. It will not allow you to select a credit card you would like to use to pay for the chosen shopping items.

But if you want to operate PayPal to pay off purchases, then you use a PayPal virtual card, PayPal Business debit Mastercard, PayPal Key or Cash Card.

PayPal neither allows nor accepts PayPal direct payment, but there are other ways to operate your PayPal account to settle for Amazon buys.

These indirect ways to pay off your purchases on Amazon, and how can I use Paypal credit on amazon? Will be answered during the brief explanation.

Can I use PayPal credit on amazon?

Can I use PayPal on Amazon? No direct payment is not possible, but yes, you can use a D tour to pay off amazon purchases.

Amazon will not allow you to settle with PayPal during the checkout procedure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use PayPal for Amazon purchases.

While checking out Amazon permits, you can choose an option of payment by debit or credit card. You have a requirement to set up a PayPal Cash card to wrap up your Amazon buys.

Because Amazon doesn’t receive PayPal Credit at checkout, It doesn’t signify you can’t operate a PayPal Credit account to pay off your Amazon buys. And to do that, you can purchase Amazon gift cards on a website that obtains PayPal Credit.

Can I Operate a PayPal Cash Card on Amazon?

To encash your PayPal Cash Card, you need to ensure that the website is accepting Mastercard or not. If the master card is accepted, then your PayPal Cash Card, which is a debit card, will also be accepted.

And as we know that Amazon, which is one of the biggest platforms for online shopping. It allows all kinds of master cards payment, which means you can use a PayPal cash card to purchase items from Amazon.

All you need to do is add a PayPal Cash Card as a payment first choice.

And to select the payment method to encash your PayPal Cash Card you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Login into your Amazon account
  2. Check out the cart after selecting the items
  3. Click on more payment option
  4. Click on the new payment method
  5. Add PayPal Cash Card as your default or preferred payment mode

PayPal Cash Card does not offer cashback opportunities or any other rewards. And that you can get by using some other debit or credit card. And if you are looking to earn a few credit card rewards, you would like to choose any other Credit card.

So, “PayPal Cash Card” may not be your most suitable pick for shopping on Amazon. But this is one of the options by which you can utilize PayPal credit at Amazon.

How to use PayPal Key on Amazon?

Before describing PayPal Key use at Amazon, Let us know about Paypal Key. PayPal Key is one of the new virtual payment ways. It permits you to complete buys with the reserves in your PayPal account or with an attached debit or credit card.

It is equivalent to the PayPal Cash Card, but the only difference is that there is no physical card. It is just a card number, expiration date, and security code.

Practically, it is a virtual card number that helps you to use PayPal money with online retailers that do not directly receive PayPal as a payment mode.

And you can operate PayPal Key at any online dealer that accepts Mastercard.

You can use PayPal Key At the Amazon website in a similar fashion, as you use your Debit or Credit card. Let me describe the use of PayPal Key on Amazon in a few steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. After opening the shopping website, purchase the required items.
  3. GO for the checkout from the cart
  4. Open the Amazon Payment method.
  5. Use your 16-digit PayPal Key number, expiration date and security code.
  6. It also pays with one of the credit cards attached to your PayPal account.
  7. You may integrate PayPal Key with one of the most suitable cards for online purchases that could help you acquire even more rewards on your investments.

It functions similarly whether on Amazon or on any other website.

Buy Amazon gift cards with PayPal.

By buying amazon gift cards, you can also use a PayPal account on Amazon. You need to search for the vendors, those who are selling Amazon gift cards and simultaneously allow PayPal payment mode. Few companies I have listed accept PayPal payment methods.

  • Walmart
  • Dell
  • Expedia
  • Best Buy
  • eBay etc.

Wisely Complete your buys, and you can use your Amazon gift cards the next time you shop on Amazon.

It is one of the easy and finest ways to use PayPal Credit on Amazon.

That is how you can use this similar strategy on the other websites that do not allow PayPal credit payments.

As you can use your PayPal Credit account everywhere PayPal is received, purchasing Amazon gift cards with PayPal Credit gives you the possibility to operate your PayPal credit to do shopping on Amazon.


Amazon allows or takes PayPal?

No, it does not take direct payment from PayPal.

Can you operate a PayPal Cash Card to pay off your Amazon buys?

Yes, you can do that. Because whichever online shopping website allows Master cards, PayPal cash cards are also allowed.

Can I use PayPal Credit on Amazon?

No. You cannot use PayPal Credit on Amazon directly.

Can you use PayPal Credit to buy an Amazon gift card?

Indeed, you can use PayPal Credit to buy an Amazon gift Card from a website that obtains PayPal and use that gift card to pay off your Amazon purchases.


Yes, Amazon does not receive or allow PayPal directly to pay off the purchases completed on the website, but, after a smart and witty D tour, you can utilize PayPal at Amazon.

Because PayPal provides both the options of a debit card and a virtual card that can be operated wherever Mastercard is allowed.

It gives an opportunity to use a PayPal account on Amazon, but after the steps and ideas told in the Article above. I hope the procedure and steps I have mentioned above will help you sort out the question, “Can I use PayPal Credit on Amazon?”

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