What is an electric train-plane hybrid which is faster than a jet?

Canada is a developed country. They have been working on the electric train-plane hybrid product with Transpod incorporation. The quality of development was shown in their recent project which developing countries can hardly imagine.

The plane without wings, as the company TransPod calls it, is based on a new field of physics called “Veillance flux” and features an innovative “contactless power transmission”. 

What is TransPod?

TransPod is a Canadian-french-based company designing ultra-high-speed transportation technology and vehicles.

TransPod vehicles are designed to travel over the speed barrier of 1,000 km/h (620 mph) between cities. The electric train-plane hybrid introduced fully electric propulsion to carry passengers and cargo. The proposed system creates a faster and carbon-free alternative for jets and automobiles. 

The speciality we can say is considering the present state of full emission Uprise and countering it with an all new idea of electric propulsion, having said that; The quality is unmatchable in the world.

What is FluxJet?

Envisioning Travel on the train is more rapid than the bullet train in vogue. The electric train-plane hybrid has been claimed 3 to 4 times more-rapid than the bullet train.

A Canadian startup recently unveiled the FluxJet, the hybrid between an aircraft and a train, capable of riding at more than 621 mph/1000kmph sans emissions. That is swifter than the ordinary private jet or about three to four times faster than a high-speed train.


It has been equipped with “aerodynamic and propulsion systems’ designed particularly to reduce friction. Essentially, a vacuum tube setup allows the magnetically levitated pods to travel at the fastest speed than trains, cars and jets. It is going to be a world-changing innovation.

The FluxJet can carry up to fifty-four passengers along two wheelchairs. The electric train-plane hybrid also provides four luggage racks and also has the capacity to transport up to 10 tons of cargo in a single go.

It will travel along a dedicatedly designed tube system known as the “TransPod line’ to alleviate congestion on main roads and highways.

his electric train-plane hybrid is not distinguishable from Virgin’s Hyperloop network of 670 mph pods that are set to be introduced in the coming years within cities.

The TransPod line will have stations in key locations and major cities, with pods expected to depart every two minutes to make it more convenient.

The passenger ticket is anticipated to cost approximately 44 per cent less/cheaper than a plane ticket.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a new form of mass transportation that will change traveling around the globe. It will cut the time of the journey from hours to minutes.

hyperloop transportation

A Virgin Hyperloop uses a “Near-Vacuum’ environment inside a tube, which allows increased speeds and low power consumption, and practically removes aerodynamic drag to its brink.

Inside the tube, battery-powered pods aviate at speeds of up to 670mph. For passengers on board, it’s a comfortable, tranquil and safe experience.


The Pods travel in convoys and can be compared with train compartments. Unlike bullet trains and ordinary trains, the pods do not associate with each other. Which Indicates each one can have a different terminus. 

transpod fluxjet

The pods can take the parting similarly to a highway off-ramp, while the convoy continues on its route. 

With no moving parts on the track or within the tube, levitation and guidance on the top of the pods, they can switch directions at a very high speed and join and leave convoys seamlessly.

These innovative designs do not just allow pods to travel at ultra-fast speeds and provide on-demand, direct-to-destination service. 

Benefits & expectations of the project

The electric train-plane hybrid called FluxJet can reportedly reach 1000kmph/621mph or more than that. Well, there is plenty more within the project. As it has been expected to create up to 140,000 jobs or in other words will help the reduction of unemployment in the world once it will be introduced worldwide.

15,600 jobs per year will be produced by this project and certainly it is going to grow the GDP of the country as it is expected Canada’s GDP will grow and is going to add $19.2 billion to Canada’s GDP throughout construction. 

The project in itself will be such a help to control global warming and climate change. There have been many projects and initiations before the electric train-plane hybrid project but after the success rate of this project the world is going to adopt the same technology and make a cause to save from unimaginable future disasters. 

After its introduction in Canada, it will reduce CO2 emissions by about 636,000 tonnes per year. America may also start the project to gain benefits from FluxJet’s project. 

TransPod recently received a huge amount of $550 million in financing and kicked off the next phase of an $18 billion US infrastructure project to build the TransPod Line between Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta. It will reportedly get you to either city in just 45 minutes.

The company recently presented fluxJet at an event held in Toronto to showcase its flight capabilities and future potential. 

At the time of the demo, the model executed a take-off and landing procedure within its guideway and performed as expected.

Future transportation structure

One can hardly imagine these projects. The electric train-plane hybrid was imaginary and fiction we saw in cartoons or fictional movies but the tendency of men to evolve has brought us to the reality of what we imagined earlier.

It is the future of transportation indeed and it will be mandated for every country to switch transportation technology and evolve them to the utmost level. Borrowing the design and technology will also be an option for other nations to save the natural resources which are on the verge of extinction.

Not only saving the natural resources but also the environment in which we live. The electric train-plane hybrid project in itself will bring an evolution and a movement in the field of energy and speed. 

All the hard work put in by engineers over the past few years has led to this milestone moment where talk is becoming a reality. At times the train plane electric hybrid project was merely a dream to think about in the quality reformation of the transportation.

Eventually, with the help of the investors the company has taken transportation to a different level. TransPod’s co-founder and CEO Sebastien Gendron said in his statement.

The technology is proven, and we have the confidence of investors, governments and partners to continue pushing forward to redefine transportation effectively.”

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