15 Peculiar Facts About The iPhone

The Apple organization and its product do not require any introduction. They are a well-established and renowned brand amongst today’s generation. 

Especially if we talk about iPhones, their market is incomparable and indomitable in the world, and today I am going to share with you some significant facts about the iPhones. 

From where did the idea of an iPhone come from?

Steve Jobs, the founder of the organization, wanted to create a touch screen gadget to introduce it to the market because there were no touch screen gadgets available in that era.

His engineers created some prototypes of the tablet as per his vision. But because of the fear of failure that the new type of device might not be successful, he asked his engineers to create a smartphone using the same technology. Nevertheless, afterwards, they made the iPad.

The first iPhone 

One of the fascinating facts about the iPhone is that the first iPhone was released back in 1998 by the company Infogear Technology Corporation. And the name of the product was Infogear iPhone.

Later, Cisco Systems cultivated the InfoGear Technology Corporation. And when Apple brought its iPhone to the market, Cisco Systems sued Apple for using the title iPhone. On 20 February 2007, both groups resolved their conflict.

The original concept of the iPhone

Do you know the fact that initially, it was made into a touch screen landline phone in 1983? But it was neither promoted nor commercialized. It was Hartmut Esslinger who attempted the creation of this device.

The similar time settings in the advertisement

Did you think about the iPhone pictures in the advertisement, is the time set at 9:41?

When the iPad was released for the first time, they proclaimed it at 9:41. Thereafter, this is still in effect as of yet, whenever you see an iPhone in any advertisement, you will see the exact time settings.

iPhone’s Camera

One more significant forte regarding an iPhone is the camera. Apple has been delivering the best-in-class smartphone cameras on almost all of the iterations of the iPhone every year. It is tough to defeat the iPhone camera.

There are; so many other brands like Google(Pixel series), Samsung etc. competing with Apple, but arguably, the iPhone has the best camera today.

Customer friendly

The iPhone’s primary goal is to provide the consumer with the best user experience. Apple claims that a non-techie person can also use the iPhone effortlessly. The iPhone is known for its optimization in software.

What does the letter ‘i’ denote?

In all Apple devices, the letter ‘i’ is mandatory. But have you ever tried to figure out the meaning of this?

Well, the answer lies in the statement of Mr Steve Jobs given in 1998. He clearly mentioned the letter ‘i’ denoting for internet, but later, he added, in the definition of the letter ‘i’ inspire, instruct, individual, inform, etc.

What is project purple?

Apple had been working on the iPhone project since 2005, though the iPhone was released two years later. But it was ‘A Hidden’ project, and the codename of this initiative was ‘Project Purple 2’.

Apple’s money machine

The iPhone is the most revenue generation device that Apple has ever created. The iPhone has generated a total of 55% revenue alone.

How many users have iPhones around the globe?

Worldwide there are about 900 million people who use the iPhone. At present, there are over 110 million iPhone users in the USA, but China beat the US in using the iPhone.

iPhones hold in the smartphone industry

Apple’s iPhones are dominating the market for a longer duration of time. Apple has 20% to 40% of the smartphone market share. It possesses about 60% to 80% profits of the entire smartphone industry.

You’ll be shocked by knowing the fact that in 2015, Apple acquired around 94% of the profits of the industry.

Apple’s revenue weapon

In generating revenue, the iPhone has left behind all the other devices of Apple. Apple’s other devices like iPad, iPod, iMac, Macbook etc.

cannot match the revenue generated by the iPhones. According to the reports, in 2019, the total revenue generated was around 25.99 billion USD.

The Patents of the iPhone.

Since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, Apple has registered more than 200 patents associated with the technology of the iPhone.

Numerous patents, like Force Touch and over-the-air updates, guide straightly to fresh and improved ways for publishers and designers to interact with customers.

Users love towards the iPhones

According to the reports, almost 56% of iPhone users resume using the iPhone and obtain the latest models whenever a fresh one is launched.

Most selling touch screen phone in the world’s history

The best-selling touch screen phones are iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which were launched in 2014. Together, they have sold over 224 million units.

These are some of the major and interesting facts about the iPhone. Certainly, we’ve prohibited some common facts from our catalogue.

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