14 Fun facts about socks

In this post, I am going to share with you some amazing fun facts about socks. Socks are easy to ignore, but it gives you discomfort wearing shoes without socks.

A good pair of socks may bring a smile to your face. Within this blog, you will know how many years it took to come to your feet. We will take a short journey from the primitive age till today, to see the evolution of socks.

The term socks came from:

The word sock has some contradiction in its origin.

Some scholars say the term sock deprived of Latin soccus, which referred to a loose-fitting stocking. The terms also referred to a flat sole and light weighted shoe. Later, it was used for lightweight slippers by Englishmen.

It might also be derived from the Greek word Sykkos, which referred to thin shoes worn under the sandals. Some say it can be older than these civilizations.

When did socks come into existence?

The first ever record of socks in history occurs; way back around the 5th century AD. The socks got discovered; while the excavation was going on near the Nile river in Egypt in the 19th Century.

That was the place where an ancient community lived in a village called Oxyrhynchus. The excavation team found socks knitted from red wool and had divided toes. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London keeps those socks today. 

Socks in the early age

We came to a conclusion from the research and estimation of anthropologists about the lifestyles and practices of our ancestors who lived in the primitive age. 

The cavemen and cavewomen would have slain beasts, peeled them, and covered their feet with those skins, clamping them in place by fettering them at the ankles. They presumably did so to keep their feet warm during Winter.

Socks’ material evolved throughout the centuries.

Initially, socks were made of animal skins, but as humans evolved, their way of living and materials for wearing also got better. 

Eighth-century Greeks sported socks produced from animal fur. They were called piloi. That we can say was the major evolution moment in the history of the socks, because after that socks material changed according to the human’s comfort.

It changed from knitted woollen socks to piloi and from animal fur to cotton, silk, cashmere, polyester etc. Though there are still some places of utter winter falls where people use animal skins and their furs to protect themselves from hypothermia.

Fashion of socks under the sandals

Archaeologists have found ancient Roman hosiery with divided toes and signs of rust remnants between the toes. The most likely source of that rust was the nail that comprised the clasp of the sandal.

It was Roman’s considerable famous footwear. Ergo, ancient Romans used to wear socks with their sandals. 

They were not the only ancient intellectuals using socks under their sandals. The wool socks discovered at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt also did the same.

CLAN TARTAN and the use of socks

You may not have any clue; that Argyle socks formed in Scotland in the 15th Century. Highland clan individuals used this design of bisecting diamonds as a commendation to their clan tartan.

The multi-coloured plaid design featured on Scottish dresses comprises a scope of colours from greens to reds to blues. 

Every Scottish clan had a specific tartan with distinctive colours. 


Do you know how much it costs people whenever they lose their socks or a pair of socks during laundry?

Research unveiled that lost socks bear the moderate family approximately $300 in additional expenditures. That is a massive amount which can be used for settling some crucial debts. 

Why do you require socks?

The feet perspire more sweat than any other part of our body.

The amount of perspiration is up to half a litre a day. So your socks play an important role in comforting you and giving you stinking-free shoes.

Original silk socks were and are the status symbol

In the early 10th Century, silk socks became a symbol of wealth and high grades in European societies. As we know from history the Silk was exported from China. It was rare, costly and hard to import.

At that time, one way to wear wealth was to cover your ankles and calves with long silk socks. 

Today as well, Silk is often used at weddings and functions as a symbol of status.

China is the giant manufacturer of socks

China is the dominant manufacturer of socks today. 40% of the manufacturing of socks is conducted in Chinese factories. Most socks are made in the Datang district of the city of Zhuji in the Zhenjiang province of eastern China.

What is the clock pattern in your socks?

Your sock may have a pattern near the ankle or around the shin, this pattern is called the “clock.” It may have developed in the 16th Century because these designs can look like hands on a clock from a particular angle. 

The socks day

December 4 is National Sock Day in America. 

The UK takes a more sombre approach to socks. Sock orphans get recognised on May 4, officially reserved as “Lost Socks Memorial Day.” Brits with a mind to do so monumentalize this day by wearing unsuitable socks in a sincere tribute to their fallen companions.

Socks and sleep

Connoisseurs acknowledge that a soft pair of warm socks can boost more promising circulation throughout your body while you are asleep, permitting you to acquire a more relaxing sleep. While keeping your socks on might be a mood killer for intimacy.

These are some facts about matching socks with your dress and your shoes.

  1. The socks should be one shade lighter than the shoe.
  2.  The trousers should be one shade lighter.
  3. The shirt should be darker than the socks.
  4. If you are wearing a suit, preferably one light shade of socks.

These are not rules you always have to follow, but these etiquettes can give you much-needed suggestions.

I hope the knowledge you obtain after reading the article will raise some level of respect towards your socks.

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