President biden announces student loan debt relief plan

The American president declared a statement about US student loan forgiveness/pardoning. Students earning 1,25,000$ or below that annually will be given forgiveness in their student loan debt.

It was a remark mentioned during the election campaign by Joe Biden and his party members.

US Student Loan:

Mr Joe Biden in his press conference introduced a big relief plan for students under debt. It was a long-awaited promise among students.

Though Mr Biden wanted to fulfil this promise for so long and wanted to administrate relief amongst the students of the United States somehow, he and his administration brought a relief plan for students earning equal to or less than 1,25,000$ per year. 

He published a tweet in this context saying “I vowed a promise during my election campaign. I am going to fulfil that promise in 2023′. This coming January, relief for the student loan debt will be granted to students in the middle and lower division categories.

The actual effect of the statement by Mr Joe Biden

The American president Mr Joe Biden’s forgiveness of debts loaned by students is conditional oriented. The plan will cancel up to $20,000 of student debt for Pell Grant recipients with loans held by the Department of education and up to $10,000 for non-Pell Grant recipients.

Debt revocations are for people whose incomes are less than $125,000 (or $250,000 for wedded couples). 

At the same time, the Biden administration has reduced the loan payment till December 2022. No loan is to be given till 31st December 2022.

Why is it illegal to burn money in the US

Even after this if it requires you to deposit the loan, you will have to deposit only five percent of your income for that loan. For example, if someone’s income is 200$ per month, then you are only required to deposit the loan instalment of 10$ only.

Will it tackle the root cause?

Some experts suggested that students could abuse the loophole by borrowing the maximum loan amount allowed and finding “some way to invest it illegally.” His strategy would be to use loan funds to rent an “extremely overpriced” Flat and then sublet it for extra income.

However, the Biden plan certainly has its drawbacks. First is the limit of $125,000. Second, Critics disputed that shroud debt revocation would aid the wealthy, rather than establishing debt revocation on earnings. The income always increases and decreases.

Therefore it should be taken into consideration when creating a cancellation plan. The more debt is cancelled, the more the racial wealth gap—is reflected in racial contrasts in bankruptcy and payoff rates are narrowed. 

By ignoring wealth, income-based debt revocation plans don’t address the effect of past discrimination.

There are so many middle-class and lower middle-class black and brown families who did not find the opportunity to save their money and establish themselves due to past discrimination it was way more demanding to pay off their debts. 

This proposition will ignore numerous of these middle-income borrowers burdened with debt. In this regard, $20,000 forgiveness and the $125,000 income perimeters do not go far enough to solve the problem.  

The main concern

A more substantive concern with the program is that it does not address the massive tuition hikes that have become the norm in postsecondary education.

Colleges and universities take advantage of society’s needs. People wish to go to college by capitalising on a student loan program that floods the institutional market with cash.

It will generate much more revenue for the educational system, simultaneously drowning the student and the family in debt. 

Being a taxpayer, we’ve decided to support what we consider a “basic education”—i.e., elementary and high school education.

Because Joe Biden’s administration is trying to build a better economic structure or trying to support the people pulling strings from behind has weakened higher education.  

One should not consider taking a loan for elementary studies.

The new program is a crucial commendation from the White House for its power to help Americans pursue a more thriving life through higher education.

But the systemic deficiencies are too complicated to be solved with a simple dollar amount. There is hope that President Joe Biden’s administrative effort will lead to a new higher education finance system. But as the experts say, it is next to impossible to consider getting rid of this trap.

Previously, there have been many scandals around the globe for the nominal public. Therefore it would be applauded if it works in the favour of the students.

A big question

As we all know that America is under tremendous debt of loans, America charts the list of the debtor countries around the globe.

The voices were raised and have risen again after the introduction of the student loan forgiveness decision. Many experts and the opposition opposed the decision considering the state of America.

People are suggesting not to bail out the wealthy in the name of the debtors who are unprivileged. When America does not have enough money to pay the national debt, how is that possible to pay out the loan debts of the students?

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