90 Random Facts to Annoy your Friends

Friends find it interesting always to annoy their friends, and they concurrently try to find schemes to prank their friends to irritate them. It is a feeling that satisfies the innermost kid in a human. The interesting fact about this habit is that it is not a slave of any age category. 

So within this blog, you will learn ninety (90) interesting random facts to annoy your friends.

90 Random Facts to Annoy your Friends

  1. Always give a missed call to your friends.
  2. You can do some random messaging from another number.
  3. Look away when your friend is having a conversation with you.
  4. Constantly share your Snapchat with your friends.
  5. Unstoppably praise your other friend in front of them.
  6. Keep talking on the phone in their company.
  7. Crack some boring jokes.
  8. Keep on sharing incidents that you’ve already shared with them.
  9. Avoid their conversation.
  10. Pretend on call that you are unable to hear their voice.
  11. Borrow their phone to call and talk for hours.
  12. Repeat their sentences.
  13. Showoff.
  14. Promote some other brands which they do not like. 
  15. Show off branded products in their presence.
  16. While watching any interesting movie or serial, start a stupid discussion.
  17. Make them smell your body while you are stinking.
  18. Call them infants.
  19. While texting, revert with K and Hmmm.
  20. Call your friends Uncle or Aunty in front of a beautiful crowd.
  21. Sing loudly on the streets.
  22. Yell upon them without any cause.
  23. Keep on honking at their doorsteps.
  24. Pour water upon them while they are sleeping.
  25. “Turn off” the lights while they are in the washroom.
  26. Borrow their expensive utilities and do not return for a while.
  27. Point out their grammatical errors.
  28. Correct them in front of others.
  29. Check their phones without even taking their permission.
  30. Do unusual things in public within their presence.
  31. Curse their parents.
  32. Eavesdropping on their personal conversation.
  33. Pretend to backbite about them while you are on call.
  34. Scrutinize their individual earnings.
  35. Fart in a public place.
  36. Take their phone without asking them.
  37. Hide their phones for a while.
  38. Text at random from their phone.
  39. Lock them in the bathroom for a small period of time.
  40. “Turn off” the light of their apartment.
  41. Erectify their fashion sense.
  42. Call your friend late at night and ask them, are you sleeping?
  43. Post and tag Water drinking updates on social media platforms to annoy them.
  44. Knowingly keep on repeating the same mistakes.
  45. Always pretend to forget your wallet.
  46. Try to be over possessive.
  47. Become overprotective.
  48. Keep on texting someone else while they are around.
  49. Do not pick up calls.
  50. Give a slow response to pick up their call.
  51. Gossip about people in front of them when you do not even know them.
  52. Post feeling lonely when your friend is with you. 
  53. Pretend to reach in two minutes and take an hour to reach.
  54. Make scary and ominous noises at night to scare your friend.
  55. Take your friend along for shopping and keep on shopping for hours.
  56. Take an immense amount of time to get ready.
  57. After shopping, do not offer them eatables.
  58. Talk with their best friends without informing them.
  59. Compare them with others.
  60. After saying “I am not hungry”, Start eating from your friends’ order.
  61. Chat with your friend in Uppercase letters and bold letters.
  62. “Turn off” your Wifi when they are at your place.
  63. Take their pictures while they are eating their food.
  64. Celebrate yourself in front of them.
  65. Use a fake accent.
  66. Remind tutors to check homework.
  67. Publish a picture with musical instruments when you do not know how to play them.
  68. Snore while they are sleeping.
  69. Keep on posting absurd photos and videos on Instagram.
  70. Pretend not to complete the syllabus and top that exam.
  71. The random fact to annoy your friend is to start an argument about the things you do not know.
  72. Listen to other language songs in a loud voice to sound cool.
  73. Pretend to be careless.
  74. Record everything for social media.
  75. Eat with a loud noise and an open mouth.
  76. Ask your friend to send you a request on social media.
  77. Do not accept your friend’s requests on social media.
  78. Ruin their camera pose.
  79. Replace your profile picture with some celebrity.
  80. Instead of watching an interesting OTT, watch some boring picture with complete interest to annoy your friend.
  81. Do not give a statement instead; “beat around the bush”.
  82. Record a song in your own voice and listen to it on speakers with your friends again and again.
  83. Beg your friends to like your posts on Facebook or Instagram.
  84. To irate your friends, you can poke them on Facebook.
  85. Interrupt a friend in between.
  86. Start your topic by closing his/her essential conversation in between.
  87. Avoid them while they complain.
  88. Point out their articulation.
  89. Keep on asking for forgiveness without any cause.
  90. Send friend requests to their adversaries.

These are some interesting random facts to annoy your friends. We hope by adding these tricks to your bag, you’ll make your friend’s life much more enjoyable.

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