The Melting of Zombie ICE

The Melting of Zombie ICE: As emissions continue to rise, the earth has started to become hotter. As a result, the climate is now about 1.1 degree Celsius warmer than it was in the late 1800s.

The last decade (2011-2020)was the warmest on record. Initially, we knew not what consequences we would face but what we sowed we have to reap now.

Many think climate change means the warming of the temperatures. It is not so; temperature rise is merely the genesis of the disaster.

Because the earth system is connected, and when everything is connected, one part of climate change influences another.

One of the incidents recently occurred as an example of the consequences we are about to see.

greenland ice melting

Greenland’s ice sheets are melting. They’ve been melting for quite some time: as we know. 

But now the impact is becoming more evident. Its new report says Greenland zombie Ice is dilapidated to melt and could raise the sea level 10 inches. That is twofold than prior predictions.

What is worse? Scientists say there is no way to stop ice from melting. If you think by controlling the emissions you can cease melting of the ice, it is impossible, as the work is beyond repair.

Located in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans is the quaint Island of Greenlands. It is the largest Island in the world with the second largest Ice sheet. 

Almost 80% of Greenland’s land has been covered by ice caps and giant glaciers. That’s approximately 1.7 million square Kilometers.

Since 2004 green has been losing 286 gigatonnes of ice every year, a gigatonne is a billion tonnes of water. According to a new geological survey, Greenland Zombie melting ice could raise to global sea level by 27 centimeters or 10 inches. As can be expected in the worst-case scenario, the sea level could rise as much as 78 centimeters or 30 inches.

What is Zombie Ice in Greenland?

Researchers enunciate to think of zombie ice as an “ice budget deficit(obligation)” that occurs when glaciers cease from receiving enough snow to refill the ice already melting away each year.

zombie ice of greenland

In an immaculate condition, annual snowfall would easily be able to compensate for the ice that intrinsically melts on the fringes of glaciers. But emissions since at least the 1975-80s have made that impossible.

The next question is when will the sea level Increase?

Any time between now and the end of this century. What impact will it have on the world?

According to the 2022 sea level rise report in the next thirty years, sea levels on the US coastline could rise by 10 to 12 inches. Globally, the melting of the ice will raise the sea level by roughly 25 feet. The fallout would be precarious. High tides and floods will become more frequent.

The coastline will destructively erode. The lands and the plains would annihilate to such an extent that millions would lose their lives. But we can only think of what will happen as “the plane has left the runway.’

The doom is certain and what we have done with nature is coming back on us.  

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