The United Nations’ existence in jeopardy?

The United Nations existence in jeopardy: The United States of America imposed various sanctions on Russia after Moscow went into a war with Ukraine. They have tried to segregate Russia from the international market and banned them on diverse fronts.

Now America has denied the visa for the Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergai Lavrov and prohibited him from visiting the UN’s building established in the USA.

The Russian minister of foreign affairs wants to visit the UN’s building established in Newyork city with 50 diplomats to give an important speech. America has already started imposing sanctions upon Mr Lavrov and has no intention to revoke them. 

The Russian Government says America is violating international laws and has no right to intercept other countries’ ministers because the United Nations building was established on the land of the USA. 

China’s state media and geopolitical analysts are supporting Russia. Shortly the official government representatives may state that the United Nations are not a puppet in the hand of America.

Can a country be excluded from the United nations?

After the first World War, the League of Nations came into existence with the sole purpose of prohibiting any World War in the future.

Lackness of communication brought the fall of the League of Nations, and after the Second World War, the United Nations came into existence.

The United Nations' existence in jeopardy

So, the primary purpose of the United Nations is to control the international circumstances to prohibit the Third World War.

It has been considered one of the most significant achievements in the history of the United Nations at the 75th anniversary of the UN by Mr Antonio Guterres, the chief of the United Nations. 

If the breach of laws is often executed, or the law gets penetrated constantly by one Nation, the General Assembly may expel a member from the United Nations.

But a Security Council vote to expel a member of the United Nations is required before the General Assembly can vote on it. That preliminary council voting demands the unanimous approval of its permanent members.

But today USA’s approach towards Russia is causing penetration of United nations laws which may culminate in the breaking of the United Nations.

Under the 1947 United Nations “Headquarters agreement” the United States is generally required to allow access to the United Nations by foreign diplomats.

America says it can deny visas based on security, terrorist, and foreign policy reasons.

After the Second World War, America was one of the biggest winners and got rewarded with the United Nations building establishment in New York City.

Even today, the American police do not have full authority in New York City. After a particular crime was accomplished by any diplomat, the USA’s police required permission from the United Nations council and USA’s administration to peek into the matter.

The security protocols are very different in this City compared to other cities or states of America. In times past, the United States indulged in war and had inadequate relations with multiple other nations; North Korea, Iraq, Iran etc.

But the sanctions never were imposed on the Leader of any Country. They did not ban anyone into the UN’s building by denying their Visas.

The United States has long restricted Russian U.N Diplomats and visiting Russian delegations from travelling more than 25 miles from New York City without prior approval of Washington.

In February, Washington slapped sanctions on Lavrov, charging him with being directly accountable for Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

The boycotts freeze any assets Lavrov may have in the United States and typically bar Americans from Trading with him. Russia also imposed sanctions on the President of America and its foreign minister, but it did not affect the United States. 

The US congress also Unanimously voted against Russia to expel Russia from the United Nations Security Council and United Nations because of Ukraine’s invasion.

Can Russia be expelled from the United Nations?

Russia has a veto on the security council, and “the council’ cannot recommend Russia’s removal without Russia’s consent. Therefore, it is impossible to remove Russia from the United Nations.

The constant sanctions on Russia, especially forbidding its foreign minister to visit the United Nations building may cause a big conflict and Unfortunately has already begun.

Russia has already started Building pressure upon Russia to revoke the sanctions on a visa but it does not look like the USA wishes to accept the proposal from other nations.

What can be the Consequences?

Russia may now influence China and other nations to form a different security council and resign from the United Nations Security Council.

Undoubtedly, this can be one of the historical junctures that can culminate into the Third World War after the tumbling of the United Nations, if the USA does not allow Russia to visit the United Nations Building. But we hope for a better decision from the elite decision-makers of the world.

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