A black student-employee named Kylan Spring received a racist attack by Sophia Rosing, 22 years old.

According to Spring, the incident happened at 1 am when Sophia Rosing stepped into Boyd Hall.

Kylan said, when I saw her drunk, it was my duty to inform RA, write a report and ask the girl if she was OK. But in reply, Rosing started calling her an expletive.

Sophia Rosing is a student at the University of Kentucky, and she got into police custody at 4 am on Sunday at a campus dorm.

A video posted and filmed by Kylan Spring provides conclusive evidence of a racist attack as Rosing curse Kylan and two other students.

Rosing was constantly cursing Kylan and saying an expletive to Kylan. She can also be seen assaulting other black students.

When Kylan said could you please stop, she replied nope, instead continued slurring racist curses.

When Rosing tried to punch the second victim and tried to kick Spring, the other grabbed her to make her sit on a chair.

It all ended when a white male police officer intervened and arrested Rosing.

Rosing has been kept at the Fayette Country Detention Center on a $1000 bond.