A man got killed in a helicopter crash in remote East Arnhem Land.

On Tuesday afternoon a helicopter crashed in East Arnhem Land in the Northern territory.

The chopper was a two-seat Robinson R22 that crashed in terrain, as mentioned by Mr Angus Mitchell, the chief commissioner of ATSB.

The 47-year-old pilot was the sole occupant and was fatally injured.

This year, it is the second deadly helicopter crash in Arnhem Land.

Mr Commissioner said, in the coming time, ATSB investigators will survey and mark the accident site and collect all the relevant components for further examination.

The incident happened in the south of the community of Ramingining at 2:45 pm.

Prior to this event, in February, Chris Wilson, a prominent member of Outback Wrangler, was killed in a similar crash in West Arnhem Land.

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