Ethiopia has 11 administrative provinces, and Tigray is one of them.

Every region is independent and mostly has its police and military force. They are divided based on strong ethnic clans.

Division of these ethnic clans causes tensions between provinces.

After Abiy became the prime minister in 2018, he dismantled the power of TPLF, which was the previous ruling government and designated them a terrorist group.

The Tigray war started when Mr Prime minister accused TPLF of a federal army base outside Tigray's Mekelle( the regional capital).

Amnesty International claimed the death of 600 civilians in Mai-Kadra, a town of Tigray.

Abiy tweeted about the Final stage of Law enforcement & military action after a 72 hours surrender deadline offer. 

Post three months or so, CNN claimed a massacre occurred in the town of Dengelat, where Eritrean soldiers ignited a church during a service and fire consumed priests, women, families and a group of more than twenty little school children. 

After a great massacre in Tigray and US intervening finally, Ethiopia and TPLF agreed to a permanent termination of aggressiveness after the negotiation in Pretoria. 

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