You must remove some of your dearest old gadgets from your house to keep you and your family secure.

wAn old phone in a drawer or almirah can ignite without indication and culminate in a devastating fire.

A swelling phone's lithium battery has the potential to crack or even destroy the glass, case or box.

Charging a selling battery can initiate a conflagration or explosion.

An outdated router without the latest secure options like WPA3, WPA2-PSK AES can encourage hackers/cyber criminals to loot your bank money.

Old electrical extensions or extenders can damage your computer, mobile and other electronic gadgets when they blow-off.

Keep your phones and computer software up-to-date and keep yourself safe from cybercriminals.

There are many more old gadgets and other things that can cause unexpected stress and put you in trouble. Catalog them to either dump or sell.