According to the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 259 people lost their lives between 2011 and 2017. Because of the selfie mania.

Even the Russian minister launched a safe selfie campaign a couple of years ago. Yekaterinburg, Russia, is one of the most dangerous places to take a selfie.

In the past few years, people have lost their lives because of taking insane selfies from the Royal Gorge bridge and Spain's Puente de Triana bridge.

Hong Kong skyscrapers are also scary places to take selfies. They have also cost many lives.

Russian daredevil Angela Nikalau features in many dangerous selfies. She explored a place in China,Tianjin Skyscraper Center.

Photographer Lee Thompson took a selfie from Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue. That can be counted as a dangerous selfie.

Consider taking a selfie during the famous festivals of running ahead of dangerous bulls in Spain.

Selfies near a volcano.

The canyon in Utah's Canyonland National Park is one of the most dangerous places to capture a selfie.

Most people died taking selfies in the water because of a shark attack.