Do you know the name of the protein that forms nails in a body?

Cutting Nails doesn't hurt us because they are made from dead cells. But it is not entirely a dead cell.

Nails contain keratin in them and grow from the skin. 

These lifeless keratin cells function as a mode to guard the soft tissue that lies beneath.

Keratin is called a non-living protein. Therefore, it causes no harm while cutting grown nails.

Undoubtedly, it will hurt if the Nails are attached to the skin.

Keratin is a high protein. Its deficiency in the body causes Nail breaks.

You can also add fish, low-fat milk, liver, and curd to your daily diet to suffice the need for Keratin.

To suffice for Keratin deficiency, you can eat brockley, onion, and garlic kinds of vegetables.